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Home Care in Thurrock, Personalised Care and support for the elderly and Adults in Need

Our person-centred care has people at its heart. Get in touch to hear more about our personalised approach.

Care Agencies in Thurrock: Conserve Care provides home care services in Thurrock and Purfleet to the elderly and adults at risk.

It is important for care agencies in Thurrock to put your loved one at its focus – Do you feel satisfied with your current care service? What would it mean for a care company to put a care plan in the direction of the person’s routine?

Conserve Care provides care services in Thurrock and Purfleet to individuals’ who desire high quality, supportive and personalised care.

We provide care workers from the local area trained to perform their work proficiently and competently. Following  CQC advice, https://www.cqc.org.uk/files/cqcs-position-care-certificate, all of our care social workers will be prepared with a Health and Social care certificate or Care Certificate.

Do you live in Purfleet? Read through our elderly care in Purfleet page https://conservecare.co.uk/elderly-care-purfleet/ for more information on what we do.

Are you looking for more information on 24 hour live in care? https://conservecare.co.uk/live-in-carers-near-me-thurrock/ Have a read and see if this answers your questions.

Personalised Private Home Care for live in care or visiting care

Bring on and hire a care worker with the following attributes when you use a reputable care service in Thurrock:

  • Uniform and lanyard, so they’re easily identified
  • Highly Trained
  • Great Communication
  • Local to the area
  • Highly available and flexible on client expectations

It’s essential to ensure your loved one is in the hands of a well trained and caring individual. A proficient care worker with good knowledge of the care quality commission guidelines will promote a happier way of living and encourage independence.


Caring for your loved one in Thurrock

Home care services in Thurrock have been under pressure due to the covid-19 pandemic. Rest assured, we’re working closely with local authorities to provide personalised and respectful care to individuals in the Thurrock area.

Care social workers will wear PPE, follow company policies and procedures, and respect the individual’s wishes if they want additional protective equipment.

Home Care Services in Thurrock

Local Care workers will build an effective working relationship with service users because they will better understand local issues and concerns. The caregiver will also have a superior understanding, in comparison to workers not from the area, of local services that could benefit the individual under their care.

Conserve Care aims to guide and mentor care workers from all backgrounds regardless of age, ethnicity, race, experience, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

Why Choose us?

  • We provide a free, friendly care assessment based on your needs and requirements. However, you’re under no obligation to move forward with us if you’re unhappy with the outcome of our valuation. Conserve care puts the person at the centre of all our daily planning, and to us, active participation is essential when forming the care plan for the service user.
  • All of our staff are friendly, well trained and hardworking care social workers. They abide strictly by the guidance given by the CQC and believe in delivering person-centred care at a very high standard.
  • We’re a care-centred business; Charles Marsh is a qualified care worker who personally knows the local area’s care workers working with our clients.
  • Conserve care takes mental health seriously and encourages active participation to enable the individual to plan their day with us.
  • No hidden charges or fees. You pay for the service you requested, and we deliver on the expectations, needs and requirements set out in the care plan.
  • Home care services in Thurrock can also include; visiting care and living in care within a safe and supportive environment.

If you would like to know more about the type of personalised care we deliver, look here https://conservecare.co.uk/personal-care/ for more information.

We also provide respite care in Romford. To find out more, click here https://conservecare.co.uk/respite-care/. Have a read.

Would you like to know more? Book a FREE Consultation to discuss our services in more detail and see if our Romford care services meet your demands. To schedule a call and learn more at https://conservecare.co.uk/appointments/ follow the link.

How to get started – Care Agencies in Thurrock

Book a FREE Consultation with one of our staff, and then we will discuss the needs of your loved one.

Then, if you’re happy and would like to go forward, we would book an assessment of the individual’s care needs.

Your loved one will be assigned one or two care workers, depending on the safety requirements of the individual, along with a care manager to supervise,

We have a dedicated, well-trained team of care workers locally based in Romford and surrounding areas in Havering. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, book a free consultation with us today.