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Care Recruiting Solutions, Leadership Advice and Retention Strategies: A Closer Look at What’s inside Our eBook

Finding and retaining the best care professionals is a never-ending challenge within adult health and social care. But we’re here to help.

The right care recruitment techniques and retention strategies can help you hire and hang on to top-performing talent. You’ll save time, reduce hiring costs and improve the quality of care you’re able to provide.

We’ve created a free eBook on recruitment and retention in social care, written by care professionals, as a secret cookbook for individuals looking for care workers. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Writing Job Requirements That Attract the Right Care Workers

Find out how to attract the best candidates with a message that is clear and inclusive. 

Identify Well Trained Staff to Minimise the Risk of Safeguarding

Learn how to look for care & support workers that are properly qualified.

Meeting with Support Staff

Ensure the meeting is informative and convenient for individuals looking to provide care for your loved one. Make an excellent first impression and give candidates their best chance of success.

Helping Service Users Thrive and Grow

Offer support and information for care staff, so that they can provide a personalised service to reduce turnover of workers and improve the quality of care.

Adopting an Empowering Stance on Independent Living

Find out how to adjust your awareness on promoting independent living and improve performance and retention. Empower the individual to live happily and independently.

About Conserve Care: We Help Social Workers and Care Providers Deliver the Best Possible, Person-Centred Care

Behind Conserve Care is a team of professional home care providers with a passion for delivering care with a difference. We put people at the heart of everything we do, helping them get the care they need with a personal touch.

We work alongside social workers and care management companies to support individuals and raise standards in the care industry.

We pride ourselves on knowing what makes a great relationship between social workers, care-at-home service providers and clients, and we understand the challenges that social workers face.

That’s why we created our eBook. We want to support social workers in overcoming two of the biggest industry challenges — recruitment and retention.

Our care recruitment eBook can help you create a strategy for finding and retaining care professionals who are suitable skilled, qualified and excellent at what they do.

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Get Our Free eBook Now and Improve Your Approach to Bringing in the Best Personnel

Find tried and tested strategies for recruitment and retention in social care. Our eBook contains valuable tips for attracting, recruiting and retaining skilled and qualified care professionals.


We Can Work with You to Deliver Person-Centred Care

If you need a care supply and management company you can trust to deliver person-centred care, we can help. We can work with you to provide end-to-end care solutions.

Our staff are all highly trained and committed to ensuring the mental and physical wellbeing of service users. We’re also available 24/7, so our care professionals are on hand whenever you need them.