Live in care Romford, with care centred on the individual.

Our person-centred care has people at its heart. Get in touch to hear more about our personalised approach.

What would it mean to have trustworthy and proficient care workers living with your loved one? Live in Care Romford, Conserve Care provides local, well-trained staff to individuals who require any form of care.

Conserve Care operates in Romford and Havering’s surrounding areas, working with individuals, family members and social workers to deliver high quality, person-centred care. The CQC regulates us; however, you can also find our care services on the NHS website. for further information.

How would you feel if you knew a regulated, credible service provided live-in care to your loved one? Conserve Care follows the principles and guidelines set out by the Care Quality Commission and ensure that the individual under our duty of care receives person-centred care.

All service users receive a plan designed and written based on the individual’s needs and requirements under our care. We also look at the following areas:

  • Likes and dislikes
  • Medication requirements
  • Nutritional needs
  • Allergies
  • Personal history
  • Other areas detailed in the care plan

From live-in care on a regular basis or personal care on an hourly basis, Conserve Care Romford are able to the requirement.


Live-in care in Romford – What to expect from us

Care workers who live-in with service users work on a two week, two weeks off rota. So if the person requires ongoing care throughout the month, two care workers will be required. For example: As one staff member would finish, the other would perform a hand-over and a full review of the care plan and any updates. It is worth noting the scenario stated is based on an individual whose’ needs suit only one care worker and, in some cases, in particular, if the individual uses a hoist, where two care workers will be required.

As Live-in care is specific and depends on the person’s needs, a tailored plan would be written and discussed in an open and fair manner.

How to get started – Live-in in Romford with Conserve Care

Book in a FREE Consultation with one of our staff, and then we will discuss the needs of your loved one. Then, if you’re happy with the conversation and would like to go forward with our care services, we would book an assessment of the individual’s care needs.

We aim to look at what is best for your loved ones and how we can build a plan around what they want to do daily. Our focus is the person under our duty of care.

Your loved one will be assigned one or two care workers, depending on the safety requirements of the individual, along with a care manager who will manage the end to end care of the person under our supervision.

We have a dedicated, well-trained team of care workers locally based in Romford or surrounding areas in Havering. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, book a free consultation with our friendly staff by clicking the button below.